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Product Summary

Agenda is an artificial neural network based tool that allows users to rate isolated records within a database according to complex criteria, or some hidden agenda, as a STANNO module 'watches' and automatically gleans the pattern behind the user's preferences that are registered through simple mouse clicks. Thereafter, the trained STANNO rates and sorts all the records in the database from most to least desirable. This application can serve myriad roles, ranging from targeted mailing, employee reviews, modus operandi, to computer dating applications. 

See quick demo of Agenda rating a mixed drink database from most to least favorite based upon just a few isolated rankings...Product Features


To use agenda, simply open a text file containing your database from the File menu. Each record now appearing within the grid control will contain some identifier (i.e., a customer's name), along with a series of numerical attributes (i.e., age, gender, education, zip code, etc.). Then, simply left click a number of times on any record to indicate your satisfaction with it, or right click in proportion to your dissatisfaction with any database entry. Once you have ranked several exemplary records (i.e., number of units of a product sold to that customer in the previous year), choose Learn from the Options menu. The underlying STANNO module now develops a model of how the attribute fields of the database relate to your selection criteria. In a few seconds, granted there is some method to your rankings, the STANNO will complete its training. Thereafter, the user selects Rate from the Options menu to supply projected rankings for all the remaining entries in your database. By simply pressing the Desirability column header, the entire database will be ranked from most to least desirable. Repeatedly toggling on this column header will alternate the record order from descending to ascending order or preference.

Agenda is a Windows application based upon IEI's patented Databots® technology and designed to run in Windows 2000 or XP operating systems. An IEI security dongle is required to enable this program.

Here are some of the things you can do with Agenda:

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