Imagitron, LLC (Imagitron) is a Michigan based company working to generate myriad spin-off companies from S. L. Thalerís landmark discoveries in artificial intelligence. We plan to devise products and services conceived directly or indirectly from autonomous invention/discovery engines based upon Thalerís Creativity Machine Paradigm. We are committed to stimulating the Michigan economy and then repeating this pattern across the country and the world.

Monthly Bootstrapping Meetings

Centers of Creative Artificial Intelligence ExcellenceObjective Ė Imagitron has developed a vast technology that is capable of generating extraordinary wealth, supply vast numbers of jobs, and stimulate the world economy like no other enterprise ever has. As blue sky as this purpose may be, the organizationís vision can never be realized unless it has legions of seasoned business thinkers formulating plans for focused corporations that clearly define the scope, management team, and development path that will assure profits for its investors. To assure Imagitronís vision, it will be conducting informal meetings on a monthly basis, inviting those with the ability to translate Imagitronís many proof-of-principle experiments, in diverse field of endeavors, into thriving business enterprises.

Motivation Ė The state of Michigan is now considering legislation that would provide $18M to assist in the formation of so-called ďCenters of Creative Artificial Intelligence Excellence.Ē Among the objectives of this bill is the harnessing of the patented IEI technology to enable numerous carve out industries based upon the myriad applications of it, thereby stimulating the stateís economy and creating plentiful numbers of jobs.

In short, this is your chance, as an entrepreneur, to get in on this momentous opportunity at the ground floor.

Meeting Format Ė On the final Saturday of each month, Imagitron will conduct a two hour seminar on IEIís watershed artificial intelligence technologies and exemplary businesses they can spawn. These meetings will alternate between Imagitronís St. Charles, MO and Lansing, MI offices. The first such meeting will occur on June 27, 2009 in St. Charles, beginning at 10:00 AM. The second of these meetings will take place in Lansing, on July 25, at 10:00 AM.

For approximately an hour, IEIís founder, Dr. Stephen Thaler, will present a high level discussion of the key scientific principles upon which Imagitron, and its parent company, IEI, were founded. Thereafter, IEIís most notable business successes will be described. Finally, the ground rules for collaborating with Imagitron will be laid out. Total duration of the meeting is expected to be two hours, followed by informal discussions.

Expectations Ė Those sufficiently enamored with the technology and willing to work toward the Imagitron vision, will be encouraged to assemble a working group to produce a preliminary business plan. If given the go-ahead, that group will write the full prospectus to attract private or governmental investment. Each of these potential businesses will be based upon a clearly defined product or service that will draw upon IEIís ability to quickly prototytpe the necessary AI system to define an enterprise that in turn integrates such systems into salable finished products and services. These working groups must be willing to place representatives and/or facilities in the Lansing, Michigan area. Participants will also be required to sign confidentiality agreements tailored to their intended carve out enterprise.

Imagitronís hope is that through these monthly meetings, it will discover talented and resonant business minds that can fathom the immense potential of this technology and then carve out well defined businesses based upon it. Throughout this process, IEI will be considered an investor, whose contribution will be both its intellectual property and its expertise in developing the first truly contemplative and creative machines.

Who Should Attend? Ė We encourage those with extensive business experience (i.e., MBAs) to attend these talks, those who have the ability to translate powerful technical ideas into profitable enterprises.

Contact Ms. Karen Kane at to RSVP for these events.

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