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    The simple, elegant, and inevitable path to human level machine intelligence and beyond, the Creativity Machine Paradigm, US Patent 5,659,666 and all subsequent foreign and divisional filings.

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What is the ultimate idea?

We, along with many others, believe that grandest of all notions is how ideas themselves are formed within the biological neural networks of the brain. If the principle behind this highly prized cognitive mechanism can be captured, understood, and then implemented within lightning fast machine intelligence, then we have attained the ultimate idea, the one that can generate all subsequent ideas. 

In 1994, this company disclosed to the world an invention called the "Creativity Machine," a computational paradigm that came the closest yet to emulating the fundamental brain mechanisms responsible for idea formation. Over the next decade, we partnered with both government and industry to carry out projects that spanned all realms of human endeavor. That this fundamental AI principle could be applied across so many different problem areas such as theoretical chemistry, art, music, law, machine vision, and robotics, serves as testament to the power and flexibility of this general problem solving methodology. Fortunately, that breadth of applicability has kept this company thriving throughout the last decade, albeit utilizing only a small fraction of a percent of the technology's overall potential.

It is just such under utilization that inspires and defines this site, that for all intents and purposes is a social networking tool for those wanting to join us in our vision for the Creativity Machine. If you are a scientist, engineer, entrepreneur, or investor, use this site's resources to better understand this patented, bleeding edge artificial intelligence technology. If you are thusly inspired and can envision the technology's enormous potential, then consider teaming  with us to bring new products and services to fruition. To take the first step, contact us to set up a meeting to discuss such a collaboration. Further, keep an eye on announcements being made on the left margins of these web pages, wherein special talks and meetings will be periodically announced. We will be sponsoring special events, workshops, and internships that can get you on board for what can potentially become the most ambitious enterprise on the planet.

If you feel that you lack the necessary expertise in the area of artificial intelligence, don't worry. Over the last decade our systems have become so adept and autonomous that all they need is the perspective you bring from your own realm of endeavor. In other words, we can work with you to help you to augment your own abilities to either strengthen your current business or create a new career totally from scratch.

In short, there doesn't need to be a world wide economic crisis, not when that most important of concepts, the Creativity Machine Paradigm, can become the well spring of a whole new micro-economy based upon innovations both devised and accelerated by this brilliant new form of machine intelligence. Allowing it control over the macro-economic system, this bleeding edge neural paradigm can carry out the multi-billion dimensional optimization needed to provide contentment and social stability world wide. 

Consider collaborating with us, taking advantage of the two decades we have taken to mature the technology, and the due diligence supplied by researchers around the world who have praised the Creativity Machine as AI's best bet at creating human to trans-human level intelligence in machines.

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