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Product Summary

An extremely fast and versatile neural network trainer capable of dealing with extremely large problems on ordinary desktop or laptop PCs. Factor and schema analysis is achieved quickly via mouse clicks in a 3-dimensional virtual reality environment. Training sessions are governed and archived via a novel XML scheme called ANNML™ (Artificial Neural Network Markup Language*). The PatternMaster application runs on Windows 2000 and XP and requires an IEI security dongle to function.

Product Features


PatternMaster is a script-based neural network trainer that may be used by a novice, as well as an experienced neural network practitioner. In the past, users of neural network trainers typically entered network architectures and training parameters via menus and dialog boxes. In PatternMaster, the user sets up a training session using an Extended Markup Language (XML) script that may later serve as a pedigree for his or her trained neural network. Now there will be a permanent record of all the design choices and training parameters made in developing each neural network model. Furthermore, should there be any difficulties with training, the XML script, and not necessarily the user's proprietary data, may be emailed to our technical support staff for diagnosis.

This radically new kind of neural net trainer also solves most of the visualization problems that accompany the training of large neural network models having thousands to millions of inputs and outputs. It does so in a dramatic way, by generating a 3-dimensional, virtual reality model of the network. To survey the network in its entirety, the user 'flies' through the network using mouse and/or keyboard commands. By setting a series of bookmarks, the operator may quickly return to key points within the neural architecture. Further, simple mouse actions are used to strip away less significant connection weights to reveal critical input factors and schema (i.e., the underlying logic) within the net.

In contrast to neural network trainers you may be familiar with, PatternMaster allows the user to interrogate the network model even in the midst of training. Using a view that displays a series of slider controls corresponding to each model input, one may manually adjust each slider and directly observe the effect upon each of the network's outputs. Using this technique, it is possible search for certain sweet spots within the model, or carry out sensitivity analyses.

In addition to batch file processing, the user has the option of exporting their trained neural network to a wide range of formats and computer languages that include, C, C++, VisualBasic®, VBA, ASP, Java, Javascript, Fortran77, Fortran90, and MatLab M-files. Using the Excel export option, PatternMaster will also functionally connect spreadsheet cells so as to create working neural networks within Excel worksheets. This advanced neural network trainer also generates parallelized C-code that is compatible with ClearSpeed's newest generation of parallel-processing boards. Alternatively, users may now export their neural networks to Starbridge Systems Viva®, a design environment for field programmable gate arrays (FPGA).

Finally, but most importantly, beneath the hood of this revolutionary neural network trainer is a radically new kind of object-oriented neural network that has been optimized by another neural network, the Self-Training Artificial Neural Network Object or STANNO. Using this patented form of artificial neural network, you will experience the fastest neural network training possible on a personal computer. Because of the speed and agility of this new kind of neural network, optimal neural network architectures can be developed in a fraction of the time required by genetic programming, with much greater reliability.

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* ANNML™ is the result of more than a decade long development effort at IEI. In collaboration with the Air Force Research Laboratory, it has been refined through successive cycles of commercial customer feedback and has also been augmented to deal with the very large scale integration of neural networks into complex cascade structures.

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